RagnaRok Star

RagnaRok Star

Be the best viking rock band in this funny family board game!

RagnaRok Star is a ancient, humour, mythology, real time game created and published by Perte & Fracas. It's now live on Kickstarter for -448 days. Backers of RagnaRok Star's Kickstarter campaign should recieve the game on April 2021. Stunning arts by @inkjetbretzel.

RagnaRok Star's description by Perte & Fracas:

Odin has promised a place in Valhallalala to whichever band gives the greatest rock concert of all time !!! Four bands of vikings can really rock, but they don’t have any fans. « By Thǿr’s Hammer, that can’t be ! We will have to rock them with some sick beats !!! Mouåhåhå »
RagnaRok Star is a strategy board game mixing programming and collecting fans.
Full of humour and allusions to rock culture and viking mythology.
Fun to program leading to many interactions between players.
Simultaneous programming and resolutions (no waiting time).
Each player get a tablet of his band with an erasable marker. This tablet has 5 musicians and each one has specific capacities : collect or steal fans, protect the drakkar, navigate …

Copyright Perte & Fracas, @inkjetbretzel, @boardgamegeek.

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