Multiverse War

Multiverse War

Customize your hero, recruit mighty armies, spread your empire in the new lands and defeat your opponents.

Multiverse War is a exploration, fantasy, wargame game created and published by @multiversewar. It's now live on Kickstarter for -411 days. Backers of Multiverse War's Kickstarter campaign should recieve the game on January 2021. Stunning arts by @art_of_sasha_r & @stanislavsherbakov.

Multiverse War's description by @multiversewar:

Multiverse War is a blend of 4X, MOBA like heroes, area control block wargame. Key elements are RPG style character progression for heroes, armies gain battle experience and become stronger, unique heroes and different faction, modular map and random encounters. All these factors give high replayability.

Copyright @multiversewar, @art_of_sasha_r, @stanislavsherbakov, @boardgamegeek.

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Customize your hero, recruit mighty armies, spread your empire in the new lands and defeat your opponents.

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