Lost To Time

Lost To Time

Embark on an epic adventure in this innovative real-time co-operative board game!

Lost To Time is a adventure, ancient, dice, exploration, maze game created and published by @cryo_north_studios. It's now live on Kickstarter for -370 days. Backers of Lost To Time's Kickstarter campaign should recieve the game on July 2021. Stunning arts by @andres.parada.design.

Lost To Time's description by @cryo_north_studios:

Lost To Time is a real-time co-operative board game in which players must collect 4 keys to unlock the door leading to the unimaginable treasure. It is played in 10 real-time minutes with the possibility of gaining additional time as you play by rolling a set of dice and taking actions simultaneously. Players will use these actions to create a network of paths leading to all corners of the gameboard and travel on them to collect 4 Golden Keys.

Copyright @cryo_north_studios, @andres.parada.design, @boardgamegeek.

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