A fast-paced, puzzle-driven and real-time board game in a manga-style universe!

Bullet♥︎ is a fighting, puzzle, real time, science fiction game created and published by @level99games. It's now live on Kickstarter for -491 days. Backers of Bullet♥︎'s Kickstarter campaign should recieve the game on February 2021. Stunning arts by @collateralds.

Bullet♥︎'s description by @level99games:

In Bullet♥︎, players take on the role of heroines in a far-flung future Earth and use their incredible powers to defend the Earth from evil — as well as from one another! Each heroine’s powers manifest in a different form, with players controlling sound, paper, technology, gravity, triangles, and more!
Turns are simultaneous. Place bullets in your sight, with the color of bullet determining the column and the number how far down in that column it is placed. Use actions to manipulate bullets to form configurations matching your patterns. Using a pattern removes bullets from your sight and sends them to the opponent. Choosing what order to place bullets, use actions, and use patterns in is key to staying alive as long as possible! Playing with the optional timer makes for even more intense play!

Copyright @level99games, @collateralds, @boardgamegeek.

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